"Losing weight is hard.
Maintaining weight is hard.
Staying overweight is hard. Choose your hard."
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Amazing Zodiac Facts Here

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"Missing someone isn’t about how long it has been since you’ve seen them or the amount of time since you’ve talked. It’s about that very moment when you’re doing something and wishing they were right there with you." - Unknown (via perfect)

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if i ever catch my professor’s eyes while they lecture, I always end up nodding at them, partly because i want them to think im listening and partly because I feel that they need the confidence boost

Students who do that are my favorite students.

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"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." - Arthur Ashe (via psych-facts)
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A hero’s journey

this gif is like 20 seconds but it was like watching an entire movie


I just want to be lying next to you with my arms around your waist and my head on your chest saying nothing, doing nothing.

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